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Professional, Helpful and Recommended

Tung Dang is a serious lawyer with good insight and helpful advice throughout the process. He is quick to answer any questions and provides good consultations and services for his clients. We would definitely go to him again for any future immigration needs.

recommend NCSD Immigration highly

From conditional residency through to full citizenship the process was daunting, complicated and at times very stressful. Mr Dang and his team were with me the entire way, his expert guidance, advice, personal understanding and experience showed through at the end of the day. Even as a well educated English speaker there is absolutely no way I would attempt this process on my own in the current political climate. I can not recommend NCSD Immigration highly enough. I was never in doubt as to the status of my applications or what would happen next and even though I was a full paying client of Mr Dang's I now consider him more a good friend than my immigration attorney. Fantastic service, very prompt return of calls/emails and affordable rates are a bonus.Very grateful, thank you Mr Dang.

Such a Honest and kind Soul

Mr. Dang and his team are Amazing!!He has guided us through this journey we are on with my husband. He always emails me back even after hours, he always has made time for us, even if to just answer a simple question, he is Such a Honest and kind Soul, highly recommend NCSD.His staff has been Helpful and wonderful since the first day our journey began.Thank you NCSD, you guys deserve 10+ Stars!!

extremely qualified and experienced in his field

I was able to discover Attorney Tung Dang from a list of 6 immigration attorneys my legal insurance provided me. After doing my research and reading about each attorney, I felt Mr. Dang was the complete specialist in his field. Though I live in the xxxxxxxx, it was worth a 30 minute drive to San Marcos to have Attorney Dang handle my special case as it relates to my wife et al. Without getting into the specifics of my case, I found Mr. Dang extremely qualified and experienced in his field, and with a proven winning track record. He exudes confidence without being overbearing, knowledge supported with personal life experiences, and integrity and honesty. Mr.Dang took the time to listen to my needs and issues. He was genuinely sincere and not going through the motions, and he did not come across as being mechanical in his presentation as some attorneys tend to be. He made me feel like he really cared about me and my family, and he is a straight shooter, letting me know the degree of difficulty my case can/could be. What impressed me the most was when Attorney Dang told me he has not lost a case to date. He will let you know up front whether or not he can handle your case. In addition, he lets you know his fees, and allows monthly payments. I sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend Attorney Dang for your Immigration needs!

Very professional and Understanding

I would like to thank Mr Tung Dang so much for helping me through the process of becoming a us citizen. He always answered my questions quickly. The staff has been very professional and understanding with all questions and concerns and everyone in the office has been really friendly. Thank you so much!

by Charles crockett on NCSD IMMIGRATION LAW OFFICE
Started great then not so much

So we hired tung dang after having a horrible experience with another lawyer. He did well getting my wife her green card exceot for the fact we wanted it in her legally changed last name. He refused to do it for us. Saying everytime it had to match her passport. Well i spoke with immigration directly and they informed me since she is married and recieved work permissions in her married last name he should have submitted the paperwork in the same married last name. We went to discuss this with him and he refused to accept resposibility. He tried saying it was our error for not changing the name on the paperwork, even tho he told us specificly not to change anything. Only check the info for correctness and spelling. When i explained immigration told us what he should have done he got defensive and basicly called me and my wife liars. When i told him i didn't appreciate that he started threatened to call the cops. Bottom line he may get you your visa but any errors he makes he won't accept resposibility or fix them without a charge. Also when you point out his errors, instead of wirking fir a solution he trys to threaten to call the cops. Lacks integrity and isn't as honest as he tries to act. Not to mention not informed as he likea to velieve when it comes to immigration laws. Again it was the immigration offices we called that told us his error.

This is Tung Dang. I am the principal attorney of NCSD immigration Law Offices.
Our voluminous winning cases and referrals are the living testaments to our methodical processes. Due to respect for clients privacy and confidentiality - we will not engage, discuss nor comment on details of any of our cases in any public forums.
We treat all our clients with upmost respect and dignities (AS WE DO EXPECT THE SAME FROM OUR CLIENTS). We strive for the best outcome in all cases.
God-bless to us all and thank you for your comments

Awsome Hyatt Legal Plans Attorney

I belong to Hyatt Legal Plans(Legal insurance) that I have signed up at my work. I need some legal advice so I called them up and the Hyatt Legal Plans provided me a list of attorneys that specialize in the area that I need.There are about 11 attorneys on the list and I contacted four of them. I was unsatisfied with the first three attorneys after talking to them. One of them did not seem to have enough knowledge in the area when I asked him questions. He even asked me to send him the articles that I read and he based his recommendation on the articles that I sent him. One of the attorneys just sent me the link after talking to him and asked for more money to perform the work. The last one did not even answer my follow-up question.The last attorney I talked to is Mr. Tung Dang because his office said he would be a week for the next available appointment. I finally got to talk to him today. I am impressed with his knowledge, professionalism, and friendliness. He took his time to explain, advise, and give his opinion about my options. He outlined the next steps on what he is going to perform next and what actions I should take. I feel comfortable talking to him and having him as my attorney.From my experiences with the attorneys, I highly recommend Mr. Tung Dang.LekP.S. Mr. Deng responded to my follow-up email in a timely manner as well.

Knowledgeable and highly dependable

I recently met with Mr. Dang to receive immigration advice. Mr. Dang was highly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He spoke with candor, a quality I highly value particularly when working through something as sensitive and stressful as an immigration matter. I felt well supported by Mr. Dang and that I can count on him should any challenges arise with my case. Having the support of Mr. Dang has been a tremendous help with putting my mind at ease. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone seeking legal council on an immigration-related matter.

Communication was super easy

Great service from each staff member. It was great to know my case was in good hands. Communication was super easy and they were available each time I had a question. Definitely recommend them!

Miracle happened

If you need an Immigration lawyer I strongly recommend Mr. Tung Dang law office.We live in Orange County, my niece has problem with her immigration status and was accused by INS for fraud by misrepresentation of information.We went to an law office in Irvine Daren Nguyen Ngc Chuong, who advertised in Vietnamese community claiming he is the one and the only certified Vietnamese Immigration lawyer in California. After presenting the situation this lawyer painted the picture that my niece's case was extremely difficult and charge her $10k. In desperation, we agreed for him to handle her case. Less than two months later we receive a denial letter from INS, we contact his office but the lawyer refuse to see or talk to us and the office clerk keep insisted that the lawyer will contact us when he is available. The denial letter stated clearly that we have only 30 days to appeal or provide any other supporting information but for 21 days have passed this evil lawyer still avoid to talk to us. It was clearly that he just took our money and has no intention to follow up with the case. He has caused our family lot of pain and hopelessness.We have prayed and continue to search for miracle then we came up with NCSD.We came to consult with Mr Dang I was very happy and impressed with his knowledge and I felt very comfortable by his honesty. He was able to pin pointed to us what step in our case that the previous lawyer missed and procedure to correct it and the fee to do it is only fraction of the previous lawyer. The most important thing was Mr. Dang always keep us informed the status of our case every steps of the way. Then miracle happened. In less than two months we received an approval letter from INS and was notified that we will receive her green card in 3 weeks. Our family sincerely want to send a thousand thanks to Mr Dang and his colleagues. We wish the best for you and your family.

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