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OMG Mr. Dang thank u soooo much this.  It is such an amazing gift!!!! thank u for working so hard for kaylee and i!!!!! i appreciate everything u have done!. sounds great u just let me know.

Great with complicate cases

We first started working with NCSD late in 2016. Mr. Dang was very professional and respectfully blunt from the beginning. He made it clear about where our case stood at the time of meeting and was great about explaining the process and how it would look. Our case was complicated and we knew it. After taking the time to further review our case Mr. Dang called us in again to further explain our situation and what needed to be done. Throughout the entire process we never felt as though we were forgotten or put on the back burner.All and all He is very knowledgeable and respectful through his process. He will take the time to explain anything you don't understand and will consistently follow up with you and your case. Highly recommend!

A true lawyer

Mr. Dang was effective, respectful, personable, and kind. I strongly recommend him to anyone needing immigration help.I found Mr. Dang through my Hyatt legal plan and his excellent reviews on Yelp. When my wife and I arrived for our consultation, we noticed a flow chart on the window of the organization. We are both engineers, so we were excited to see that he had mapped out the process by which people can successfully immigrate to America. His understanding of what works (and what doesn't work), as well as the attention to detail was consistently demonstrated during our meeting.Mr. Dang is a kind person who cares about our well-being. He is honest, patient, and sincere. We spoke about our family and he spoke about his. This is very different than our other experiences with lawyers, in which they seemed rushed, fake, and out to make a quick and easy dollar. Contrary to this, Mr. Dang was high-empathy and service-oriented.It is an understatement to say that Mr. Dang is better than other immigration lawyers. He is much better. He understands the system better, he understands people better, and he provides better service. My wife and I are extremely happy with the service that he provided us, and we will be returning for more services in the future, for ourselves and our family.

Tung is as good as they get!

Great attention paid to the important details needed to complete the visa process. Friendly personalized attention. Tung goes the extra mile!

very honest and straightforward

I received my Green Card less than a year after I hired Mr. Dang.He was not only very honest and straightforward from the beginning but also truly caring about his clients, unlike other lawyers I met in the past. We presented him with a very complicated case but his knowledge and expertise in the field surpassed any difficulty that we may have had. He was also ALWAYS available to answer all of my infinite questions throughout the process (either by phone or in person) something I found remarkable and unprecedented. His legal team is amazing too! Mr. Tung Dang is not only a terrific lawyer but an incredible human being. My family and I will be forever grateful to him and his team! Thank you!!!

definitely recommend him

I was referred to Mr. Dang by my Hyatt legal plan and I'm glad I chose to do services with him. The first time I spoke to Mr. dang over the phone I felt I could trust him and he really gave me a lot of his time for a phone consultation. Ive spoken to other lawyers over the phone and for the first time I've never felt intimidated or rushed. I'm able to have an open conversation with him and talk to him like a normal person rather than just a lawyer. I find him to be honest, knowledgeable and responsive. I've emailed him multiple times and he has replied back very quickly. He takes monthly payments rather than you paying a whole lump sum because it is a reminder for him to check on your case and see what he's done for that month which I think is a wonderful idea. It benefits both parties it keeps him on track and it helps the customers financially. I am from the Los Angeles area but it was worth the drive to meet Mr. Dan and have him help me with my case.I would definitely recommend him.

Excellent Lawyer - I was amazed

I read a lot of bad comment and testimonials about hiring a lawyer or agent for the processing of K1 visa but I was amazed when I found our lawyer Mr. Tung Dang is very helpful , knowledgeable and ready to answers all my questions. Me and my husband don't need to worry anything. We are in good hands. Highly recommend.

Best in town

El abogado Tung nos ayudó mucho en nuestro caso, nos orientó acerca de los documentos que necesitábamos y la información que teníamos que conocer. Siempre al tanto de nuestro caso con mucha confianza y honestidad. Es también una gran persona de familia y valores por lo que nos sentimos muy seguros de tenerlo como nuestro abogado.

best attorney in San Diego. DACA to Green Card

We had a great experience with Mr. Dang. We had been hearing about the DACA on the news and we became very interested in finding out if i was eligible for this new reform. We went to our first meeting with Mr. Dang and found out we had a great case and we decided to move forward. A few years went by and decided that we wanted to seek more options for my immigration status. We met once more and Mr. Dang and again had a strong case to get my status adjusted and we got the process started. This last process was said to take around 6 to 8 months and just like Mr. Dang said i just went to my last interview with immigration and i am officially a United States resident. I am very happy with the services from NCSD and from Mr. Dang. We recommend anyone in need of immigration advice to visit NCSD and seek the help of Mr. Dang.

Thank you for your trust on us to handle your case. It was a great pleasure to work with your family.

the best lawyer I've ever seen

Mr. Dang and Thomas, very professional, smart, knowledgeable and responsible. I was very pleased I can hire them. Highly recommend and very helpful, save yourself and the trouble, and also get it done right and fast. Thanks for both of you guys and I feel so much better now. You're the best lawyer I've ever seen.

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